The Scraper Universe

“The novel Scraper: The Rise of Cifer is part one of the story we’re telling,” says Jim Ivon, the founder of Labrodex Studios and creator of Scraper. “The game is part two. Our goal was to create a brand new IP that was hyper-detailed, with one over-arcing story for books, games, and other media. Before we commissioned Ryder Windham to develop and write the first novel, we already had a story bible, character guides, and a timeline for events that don’t just lead up to the story, but shape the entire Scraper universe.”

Evidently, Windham was impressed with Ivon’s preparedness. “Jim’s enthusiasm for Scraper is contagious,” Windham says, “but it’s his attention for detail that really got my interest. I’m hoping to see his story bible and the concept art published not just because it’s fantastic stuff, but so others can see Jim’s incredible commitment to visualizing this future society and world. I also appreciated that his story bible doesn’t so much limit opportunities for storytelling, but serves as a launch pad for countless adventures. So when he asked me to bring his characters and ideas to life in a prequel novel to the game, I jumped at the chance.”

Asked how the novel anticipates the VR game, Windham says, “The novel takes place over the course of the years 2075 and 2076, and ends exactly at the moment that the game begins. Although gamers could easily enjoy the VR game without reading the novel, I wrote the novel the way Jim conceived it, as an integral part of larger story. Various bits of dialogue in the VR game reveal information about the backstories for characters and situations, and the novel expands on all that information. Gamers who read the novel first will have a richer and even more immersive experience when they play the Scraper VR game.”