The Humech Militia


Originally manufactured as Humech V3 Helpmates, Legionites are the “Foot Soldiers of the Peace-Keeping Militia”. Legionites have an advanced AI and were originally developed to manage and run higher-level facilities around the world.

Shortly before the rise of Cifer, Winston lost his family in an apparent industrial accident, but he has reason to believe that Cifer was responsible.

Legionites are powered by a lithium compound mixing with a proprietary blend of mineral oils, which causes their mechanical luminescent blue glow.

Female Legionites

Female Legionites are outfitted with Advanced AI and are programmed to learn, and therefore not required to be helpful or kind. They possess the ability to fly and will blind and deafen their target when possible.

The fluid movements of the Female Legionite allow the bot to simultaneously shoot and strafe, making flexibility its main advantage.

HELO Drones

HELO Drones were designed for basic delivery and management of non-sensitive packages. After the rise of Cifer, they were outfitted with missile launchers, and are now assault bots within the Humech Militia. These aerial long-range units have two sets of oscillating blades that allow for intricate flight maneuvers.

Male Legionites

Male Legionites are outfitted with an Advanced AI and are programmed to learn, and therefore not required to be helpful or kind. When sighted, they emit an electrical field that affects anything within its perimeters after contact with the ground.

Compared to the higher speed of their Female counterparts, their slow movement is preceded by distinctive footsteps that create pneumatic hisses.

Militia Bots

Militia Bots were created by V3 Humechs to perform menial labor, such as, service staff, sanitation workers and security guards. After the rise of Cifer, they were repurposed and now function as general militia.

Militia Bots can carry a range of weaponry that include staffs, grenade launchers, SMGs and Rifles, in addition to having melee capabilities.


MINE-Bots were originally created to oversee maintenance bots. During Cifer’s rise, they were outfitted with an explosive ordinance that would detonate when near non-V3 organisms.

The Militaristic Incendiary Nomadic Extirpative bots
are spider-like bots that search out abnormalities, lock on and immediately combust when near their target.


RepairMECHs are repurposed repair bots that are now being utilized to reinforce the Humech Militia. Their siphoning abilities allow them to absorb shield energy and either apply it to the health state of their allies or use it directly against their targets.

RepairMECHs come equipped with stock blasters, a power extraction beam and energy refocusing capacitors.

Security Drones

Initially, Security Drones simply recorded events in the designated areas they were assigned to patrol.

Currently, they are equipped with assault weapons, capable of significant damage to their desired target. They possess Minor Intelligence and contain access keys for floors within Reactor Buildings.

Striker Drones

Striker Drones are aerial close-combat units and cab be deployed inside large structures.

Before the Humech uprising, they were designed to be delivery drones, similar to the HELO Drones, but with a longer range and higher security class. As the name implies, Striker Drones will immediately deploy heat seeking missiles on sight, striking the target down.

Worker Drones

When activated, Worker Drones will clean and maintain all equipment and machinery in a designated area. They will also search for impurities and changes to environments, ensuring a perfect operation.

They are insect-like drones that do not have any assault or defense mechanisms, however they will alert higher-level Humechs of any suspect activity.