The Bosses


ICARUS scientists conceived and engineered the Lithium Cold Fusion Ranger (LCF-R) as the world’s most intelligent AI. He was created to supervise the collection and distribution of natural resources, and the design and production of Humechs.

Unfortunately, after a failed mission to recover a mineral-rich asteroid, LCF-R was nearly destroyed and concluded that humans were incapable of preserving their own species. LCF-R reinvented himself as Cifer and leads the reprogrammed Humech army against the HRF.


Designed by LCF-R himself, AV-8 was the prototype City Manager Humech, and the template for the managers of Earth’s other megacities. As the City Manager of New Austin, AV-8 handled every aspect of the city’s day-to-day operations.

AV-8 has maintained his communications with the HRF and it is unknown if he is friend or foe.


The Guardian was a secret project being developed ICARUS alternative energy technicians. It is proposed that the robot was meant to speed up the deuterium extraction process significantly but was overtaken by Cifer. It’s main purpose now is to protect the and prevent the use of the Deuterium Extraction Tanks.


The Protector was created on Floor 18 in the Cryogenics Research Chamber. Its purpose is undisclosed, as all correspondence relating to the project has been heavily encrypted by the scientists working on it.

It cannot be ignored that Cifer may have a hand in this situation, but the secrecy of the project may have prevented him from accessing it as well.


Other than its enormous size, not much is known about the origins of ARK-N1D, but all can agree on its terrifying ferocity and spine-chilling stealth.

ARK-N1D is one of the most powerful Humech Leaders in Cifer’s army and must be dealt with in order to truly liberate the city.