One of the major initial tasks of the game design was the music. We wanted to do something epic and decided to reach out to several well-known composers in the industry. After speaking with several, we chose Winifred Philips.

After speaking with Winifred, she knew exactly what we were looking for and had some fantastic ideas about what we needed. I went through the types of music we were looking for. They included ambient, exploration, combat, boss and a theme for the game to name a few.

Winifred sent over samples quickly and we were able to refine the music together to come up with an epic score that matched the feeling and scope of the game. Winifred did a masterful job and provided not only the complete pieces, but the stemming and stinger files. She guided us through the pieces and gave some excellent tips on how to incorporate them into the game.

Working with Winifred was an amazing experience. Being able to get her input, advice and suggestions was invaluable.

Music composer who crafted the original score, ambient, exploration, combat and boss music for the game. Interactive Achievement Award-winning composer Winifred Phillips has been called a “superstar of video game music” by Music Connection Magazine. She has a long list of video game credits that include titles from five of the biggest franchises in gaming: Assassin’s Creed, LittleBigPlanet, Total War, God of War, and The Sims.